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Beatport Next Class of 2024

Beatport, a leading global platform for DJs, producers, and music enthusiasts, has unveiled the Beatport Next Class of 2024. Continuing its tradition of supporting emerging talent in the dance music realm, Beatport remains dedicated to fostering the growth of new artists through its worldwide development initiative.

Since its establishment in 2021, Beatport Next has not only solidified its position as a prominent accelerator program but has also become an integral part of the company’s commitment to propelling the ascent of up-and-coming talents. Beatport Next distinguishes itself with a unique approach, strategically engaging and endorsing emerging artists. The Beatport Group is committed to offering these artists unparalleled visibility, featuring them across its array of products and services. This comprehensive support encompasses curated playlists, exclusive coverage on Beatportal, dynamic live streams, and robust social media endorsement.

Emilie Birks, VP of Marketing at The Beatport Group, expressed enthusiasm about the expansion of the Beatport Next Artists’ development program for 2024. The program has grown from 8 to 12 exceptional artists representing diverse corners of the globe. This expansion underscores the company’s commitment to supporting local talent and showcasing a diverse range of musical genres. The Beatport Next artist development program aims to serve as a catalyst for the global recognition of outstanding talent, aligning with the 2024 global theme: Music Is Unstoppable.

In 2023, Beatport Next identified and championed eight exceptional acts – ANNĒ, Closet Yi, Coco & Breezy, Confidential Recipe, HoneyLuv, Junior Simba, Lens & Mala Ikai – promoting their projects to Beatport’s global DJ and fan community through a variety of features and offerings.

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