“Friend Of Mine” new release from Agents Of Time

Italian electronic duo Agents Of Time and his new amazing release called”Friend Of Mine,” featuring a collaborative effort with UK-based artist Ross Quinn it’s already out. The track unfolds as a captivating exploration of melodic techno, revealing the duo’s prowess in crafting a unique auditory experience.

Tomorrowland Music it’s a music label the eminent music division associated with the iconic Tomorrowland brand. Agents Of Time, comprised of DJs Andrea Di Ceglie and Luigi Tutolo, seamlessly fuse their creative energies with Ross Quinn, resulting in a composition that skillfully blends tension, anticipation, and a distinctive mix of melodious elements and atmospheric techno nuances.

Agents Of Time have earned their stripes in the electronic music scene, particularly within the techno genre, owing to their innovative and atmospheric approach. Their live performances, characterized by a face-to-face setup around a square table with dj decks, not only showcase their technical prowess but also create a unique, symbiotic energy with the audience. Drawing inspiration from the influential Mathew Jonson, the duo’s live sets are marked by complexity and uniqueness.

In 2019, Agents Of Time collaborated with Jonson on ‘Repeating Patterns, Numbers and Letters,’ an endeavor that not only highlighted their musical dexterity but also led to joint performances at prestigious venues such as Rex Club in Paris and the Movement Festival in Torino. To embark on an unparalleled techno journey, music enthusiasts are urged to immerse themselves in ‘Agents Of Time – Friend of Mine (feat. Ross Quinn)’ and witness the evolution of the duo’s sonic exploration.

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