Premiere: Luke Garcia Surprises with New EP ‘IY’ on Einmusika Recordings

In the ever-evolving realm of electronic music, Madrid-born DJ and producer Luke Garcia takes center stage with the release of his latest EP, “IY,” under the renowned Einmusika Recordings label. The EP showcases Garcia’s mastery in crafting a distinctive blend of melodic house, seamlessly interwoven with powerful elements that transport listeners into a realm of sonic euphoria.

The EP features two standout tracks, “IY” and “END UP,” both serving as a testament to Luke Garcia’s singular concept in the electronic music landscape. The music, characterized by a fusion of dark pop and house elements, possesses a psychedelic sensibility that sets it apart from the mainstream. Garcia’s ability to infuse soulful dance vibes with subtle hints of post-rock attitude creates a unique sonic experience that captivates and elevates the listener’s senses.

Luke Garcia’s musical journey began in Madrid, where he grew up fascinated by the electronic music and vibrant club scene. His fortunate exposure to a Madrid pulsating with quality electronic music paved the way for his exploration of diverse styles, ranging from Classic House to the more robust beats of Techno.

With a significant presence in the iconic Ibiza summers, Garcia has left an indelible mark, playing in numerous clubs, beach venues, and private villa parties. Taking a leap into the big clubs, he became the first resident of Es Paradis and later earned residencies at SO COOL IBIZA, PACHA IBIZA, and LIO IBIZA.

An achievement worth noting is Luke Garcia’s status as the first and only Spanish DJ on RADIO FG USA, the most listened-to dance radio station in the USA and a reference in countries like France. This accolade underscores Garcia’s international appeal and influence in the electronic music scene.

In addition to his illustrious career as a DJ, Luke Garcia has also carved a path as a prolific producer. He has published original works and remixes for some of the industry’s best electronic labels, including Innervisions, Diynamic Music, TAU, Moblack Records, Borders of Light, and Ephemeral. This multifaceted approach solidifies Luke Garcia’s position as a dynamic force in the electronic music landscape, continually pushing boundaries and shaping the future of the genre.

As we embark on this sonic journey with Luke Garcia’s “IY” EP, it’s clear that his music goes beyond mere beats and rhythms. It’s an immersive experience that transcends genres, inviting listeners to explore the intricate layers of sound and emotion expertly crafted by this visionary artist.

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