Vintage Culture presents a club version of ARTBAT’s “Coming Home”

Vintage Culture’s incredible remix of ARTBAT and John Martin’s “Coming Home.” This latest offering from the Brazilian artist is now available on streaming and download platforms via Warner Music.

Ukrainian duo ARTBAT concluded the summer with the release of “Coming Home,” a collaborative track with singer John Martin. It’s a sweet dance tune, an ode to those returning to their loved ones, showcasing ARTBAT’s magic in producing melodic gems. While the original track is flawless, Vintage Culture gives it a completely different flavor.

To wrap up 2023 on a high note, Brazilian artist Vintage Culture delivers an outstanding rendition of “Coming Home,” the perfect soundtrack for all people.

While elegantly preserving ARTBAT’s original essence, Vintage Culture injects clubbing energy, a signature vibe he has been perfecting. The dreamy atmosphere remains in the first part of the track before giving way to deeper, darker elements from Vintage Culture. The drop is incredible, serving as a gateway into the clubbier version of “Coming Home.” Vintage Culture’s signature graces the entire composition.

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