Croquet Club’s Musical Reemergence with ‘Fugue in Twilight’

French electronic artist Croquet Club, also known as Jeremy Villecourt, has emerged from a seven-year hiatus with his first full-length album, ‘Fugue in Twilight,’ releasing under Anjunadeep’s.  In contrast to his previous up-tempo releases, this eight-track project takes a slower, more contemplative approach, reflecting a departure from the norm. ‘Fugue in Twilight’ is a captivating and cinematic body of work, signaling Croquet Club’s evolution as a gifted, authentic, and unique electronic music producer.

Jeremy embarked on the creation of ‘Fugue in Twilight’ in early 2022, feeling liberated from past pressures and expectations surrounding the Croquet Club project. His return to the studio was marked by a delicate and intentional process. Prior to each session, he devoted close to an hour to meditation, fostering a non-judgmental state of consciousness that became integral to his songwriting. Over two months, he collected threads of musical ideas, carefully reviewing them to identify their potential. Jeremy explains, “I’d get down to the studio, turn on the synthesizer or pick up the guitar, and start to play. Most of the time, nothing would happen. And sometimes something happened, and I’d record it.” This meticulous and heartfelt approach is the foundation of ‘Fugue in Twilight,’ infusing authenticity and purity into every note, key, and melody.

The album’s lead single, ‘Slowly,’ explores the human need for love, solace, and intimacy. Jeremy layers his vocals with hazy keys and nostalgic guitar, expressing themes of solitude and the internal relationship we have with ourselves. Notably, Jeremy recorded the entire album as if it were a live performance, playing every instrument himself without relying on loops. Describing the exhaustive process, he reflects, “It took a long time. I had to write the music, write the lyrics, rehearse every instrument, record each part one by one, then mix it myself.” This solo endeavor, akin to “crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a rowing boat,” showcases Jeremy’s personal challenge and determination to push his creative boundaries.

‘Fugue in Twilight’ is scheduled for release on March 25, 2024, inviting listeners to experience the culmination of Jeremy Villecourt’s introspective and dedicated musical journey.

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